About Harpers Ferry Armory

At Harpers Ferry Armory, a legacy has been reborn and a heritage kept. Tucked in the mountains of West Virginia only 7 miles from the original location, America’s second arsenal and armory has been revitalized to offer AR-15s, 1911s, and J-Frame Revolvers. Each handgun and modern sporting rifle reflects American craftsmanship and value. In addition to being an American manufacturer, we have a retail outlet carrying a full line of rifles, handguns, and accessories. We also offer gunsmithing, armorers services, Cerakote, and firearm training. Whether you are interested in a handgun for conceal carry, the perfect firearm for home defense, a new hunting rifle, or a competition ready sidearm, Harpers Ferry Armory will be able to meet your needs. Looking to upgrade or repair a gun you already love? We also carry parts, lasers, scopes, slings, furniture, holsters, ammunition, bags, and magazines. Call or stop in to view our inventory, learn about upcoming classes including private instruction, or speak with a gunsmith. We also provide firearm transfers and buy and trade used guns. Layaway and special orders are available.